Chicken Scheme Binding

Source Code

The code resides in Chicken's central egg SVN repository. To get the latest development version's source, check out trunk:

$ svn checkout --username=anonymous --password=''

To obtain the current stable version's source code, just use chicken-install's -r option:

$ chicken-install -r zmq

Build and installation

Install ØMQ including its header files. Then you can either install the latest stable version by executing:

$ chicken-install zmq

Or, if you have the source directory, from within that:

$ chicken-install

Note that this egg has not been tested on Windows systems at all, yet.

For more information on installing Chicken eggs, see


For API documentation, see the zmq egg page on the Chicken wiki. Alternatively, the same documentation can be accessed through Chicken's API browser chickadee. For a command-line based view, use chicken-doc.

Test Suite

To run the test suite, pass the -test option to the chicken-install call mentioned above.

Bug Reporting

Please report any problems or suggestions in Chicken's central bug tracking system. Choose extensions as the component and put zmq into the summary and/or the keywords fields for your ticket.


Feel free to discuss the zmq egg on the chicken-users mailing list. Another good place for discussion is the #chicken IRC channel on freenode.