ooc Binding

Source Code

The ooc bindings consists of:

  • a straight binding of the C interface
  • a more high-level interface with covers, allowing to use ØMQ in a more object-oriented fashion.


Build and installation

You should have the ØMQ project installed (it contains the C bindings already).

Then, checkout ooc-zeromq from GitHub into /usr/lib/ooc/ or whatever you set your OOC_LIBS environment variable to.
Using it should be as easy as:

use zeromq
import zeromq

The use directive finds ooc-zeromq in your ooc libraries directory, and handles dependencies. Read the .use file for more details
The import directive allows you to use the types Message, Context, Socket, and all the low-level functions of ØMQ in your ooc project.


For the low-level part, it behaves exactly as its C counterpart, so you can count on the zmq(7) manual page.
Its online version can be found here:


The high-level part should be straight-forward (especially if you have read the bindings yourself), and is similar to the C++ bindings.
The samples should help you get started:


Bug Reporting

If you encounter a problem please fill a bug report at: