The main organization for ZeroMQ is

We try to collect interesting projects here. If you've written a language binding or other extension to ZeroMQ, of general interest, we'd love to invite you to bring it to our organization.


  • Visibility and status. With one click your project becomes "official"!
  • Community. People (including you) can fork the project and send patches to it.


  • Ask on zeromq-dev and you'll be welcomed into the organization owners' team.
  • You transfer your project to the zeromq organization.
  • You fork it back to your private account.
  • Decide on a license: we recommend MPLv2.
  • Decide on a contribution policy. We recommend the C4.1 process as used by most projects here.
  • Document the license and contribution policy on your README.
  • Announce the results on Twitter, zeromq-dev, and to your family at Sunday dinner.
  • Wait for the pull requests to come in (it can take time, patience…)