Brussels, 10 May 2011

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Unconf at De Markten

The best way to meet other ØMQ users and developers, in a relaxed environment. There's no fixed agenda but for sure it'll be a diverse and unique discussion. If you're within 1,000 km, and you use ØMQ, it's worth making it to Brussels for this event. The next time it'll be in California.

  • 9:00-10:00 - breakfast
  • 10:00-12:30 - round 1
  • 12:30-14:30 - break for lunch
  • 14:30-17:00 - round 2
  • 17:00-22:00 - drinks & discussion

Free entry. The venue is De Markten Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussels (Google maps), in the center of town. iMatix will be sponsoring the event and drinks. There will be a good selection of Belgian beers.

What we might talk about

- Further organization of the repositories
- Future direction of ØMQ development
- Unprotocols, what, why, how
- ZMTP, the ØMQ wire level protocol (future evolution hereof)
- Other implementations of ZMTP
- Futzing ØMQ servers to get them robust
- Short term goals
- More beer…

Who's coming?

Please register by adding your name below here (you must become a member of this wiki to edit this page):

- Martin Sustrik (core developer, software architect)
- Mikko Koppanen (core developer, build systems, PHP binding)
- Pieter Hintjens (core developer, community architect)
- Ian Barber (evangelist, PHP tutorials)
- Benjamin Henrion
- Guido Goldstein
- Sam de Freyssinet
- Silvano Luciani
- Devis Lucato
- Martin Lucina (core developer, reference manual)
- Daniel Truemper


De Markten is near the Bourse, the old center of Brussels. Some hotels that aren't too far away:

  • Hotel Aristote (about 70 Euro)
  • Citadines Sainte-Catherine Brussels (about 110 Euro)
  • Metropole (about 250 Euro)

Local ØMQ users may be willing to lodge visitors. Discuss on #zeromq irc channel or email moc.xitami|hp#moc.xitami|hp if you want space, or can host visitors. Also, consider couchsurfing.


The closest metro stations are Sainte-Catherine (east-west line) and Bourse (north-south premetro line). To use the metro, buy a ticket from the vending machines (you may need Euro coins). To use the tram, you may not find a near-by vending machine, so buy a ticket from the conductor for a little more.

Here's how to get here from different places:

  • From Gare du Midi (South Station), e.g. from Paris by Thalys or London by Eurostar: take any tram going to North Station, and get off at Bourse (three stops). It's then 5 mins walk north-west down Dansaert street.
  • From Zaventem Airport: take a train (sub-level 3 or so) to Brussels South Station, then follow instructions above.
  • From Gare du Nord or Gare Centrale: take a train south to Gare du Midi, then follow instructions above. You can also walk (12 mins) from Gare Centrale. Check out Google maps for that.
  • From Charleroi Airport: buy a bus ticket on-line, it takes you to Gare du Midi. If you don't but a ticket in advance, the waiting crowds often overwhelm the bus. Like 120 people for a 60-seater bus. Not pretty. If you don't buy a ticket online, and there are crowds waiting, or if you really like trains, take the local bus to Charleroi Sud train station, and the train from there to Brussels Gare du Midi or Centrale.

If you're staying a day or two in Brussels, you can get a 5-ride or 10-ride metro card and save some money.

Here is a list of taxi companies in Brussels. They are all probably crooks, especially if you don't speak French.

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