Chicago 2012 05

An semi-formal event for all ØMQ users and contributors.

Where: Cleversafe Headquarters Located on the 17th floor of Chicago's Union Station

When: May 19th, 2012 at 10am, brunch on May 20th

Presentations: If you have a topic to present, please list your name and topic below.

Attendees Please do add your name to this list no later than May 17th. A full attendee list must be submitted to the building's security team to ensure access.

  1. Tom Cocagne
  2. Pieter Hintjens ("The Future of 0MQ")
  3. Chuck Remes (am thinking of a good topic…)
  4. Martin Hurton (The architecture of 0MQ)
  5. Michel Pelletier (Distributed Process Monitoring)
  6. Ian Barber
  7. Jeroen van der Most
  8. Patrick Braga-Henebry
  9. Garrett Smith (RFC on 0MQ based Chubby implementation)
  10. Sam de Freyssinet
  11. Alex Faraone
  12. Eric Stein
  13. Brian Ray
  14. Art Brown
  15. Sean Farley (new user; is this how I should sign up?)

NATO Summit
Be aware that there will be a NATO Summit during this weekend. There will be road closures, parking restrictions, traffic delays, extra screening and baggage restrictions on some modes of public transport, etc. Please plan accordingly and allocate sufficient travel time.

Additional information can be found at:

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