ZeroMQ FOSDEM Hackathon, Brussels

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Location: Rue des Ateliers 15, 1080 Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium

  • Day 1 - 27 January 2016 (Wednesday) - workshop/hackathon
  • Day 2 - 28 January 2016 (Thursday) - workshop/hackathon
  • Day 3 - 29 January 2016 (Friday) - workshop/hackathon
  • Day 4 - 30 January 2016 (Saturday) - party with live music, from 7pm (BYOB)

Note that FOSDEM is on 30 & 31 January.

Hackathon Format

The hackathon is a unique opportunity to learn advanced ZeroMQ skills from the experts. It follows the model developed by Pieter Hintjens for many ZeroMQ workshops.

Each year we take a theme and work towards that using an organic contract-driven process.

The theme for 2016 is broker-to-broker federation to provide Internet-scale patterns that potentially replace email. We'll use some or all of these building blocks:

  • Your favorite language binding (e.g. CZMQ if you are working in C)
  • Zyre
  • Malamute
  • zproto
  • zproject

And/or implementations in various languages. We drive the hackathon with simple RFCs, pull requests, and a collection of projects that talk together. This is the same process we use in the ZeroMQ community.

Requirements for Participants

The more you already know about ZeroMQ the better. If you are a full beginner you will have to tag along with others for a while.

Bring your laptop, with ZeroMQ installed and working in your favorite language.

Use cases

  • Secure interdomain messaging (chat, IoT, application data)
  • Post-email messaging


Operational considerations

  • Which server do I connect to for
  • Message spooling (remote server is offline and my server can't send messages)
  • What happens when my server comes back online?
  • Message formats? (chat messages vs application messages)
  • Client server model or just server-server?
  • REST API for mobile apps


Main event is from 9am to 6pm, participants are welcome to arrive earlier and leave at any time up to midnight. An access code will be provided. Refreshments and snacks will be provided, including beer and wine in the evenings.

Registration and Cost

Entry is free. Seats are limited, so first come first served.

Please register by adding your name below here (join this wiki to edit the page):

  1. Pieter Hintjens
  2. Simon Tennant
  3. Constantin Rack
  4. Doron Somech
  5. Brian Knox
  6. Luca Boccassi
  7. James Wheatley
  8. Thomas Applencourt
  9. Meredith L. Patterson
  10. Luna Duclos
  11. Tomas Halman
  12. Alena Chernikava
  13. Benjamin Henrion
  14. Sebastien Chong (provisional)
  15. Vladimir Lushnikov
  16. TQ Hirsch
  17. Andrea Shepard
  18. Arnaud Loonstra
  19. Osiris Pedroso
  20. Pawel Kurdybacha
  21. Konrad Ciekot
  22. David Fraser
  23. Godefroid Chapelle
  24. Andy Walker
  25. Tom Hoover


The closest metro stations are Comte de Flandre and Ribaucourt. To use the metro, buy a ticket from the vending machines.

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